Artificial intelligence and pencil 2d

We all know how AI has been doing all kind of stuffs like doing assignments, writing projects and stuffs like that. And we also know it can also be used to write complex codes, debug and stuffs like that. Now in relation to pencil 2d which is open source and has shortage of developers, can’t AI be used to reduce the cost of manpower and even write more accurate and efficient codes rather than having the issue of bugs, or other codes clashing each other. I’ll say that pencil is the best tool for both beginners and intermediate cause of its unique user interface but what makes other programs like Krita better is not because it has many devs but the application has the necessary tools to make animation better than pencil. I know for sure that additional tools has been requested like that shape tool, lasso tool, more brushes, advanced transform tool, close gap option for fill tool, replacement of the smudge tool, rotating points for joints(similar to krita) but most of them here have not be implemented cause of its not in priority but we all know once pencil has the shape tool its ranks go way high. To cut the long story shot I suggest pencil dev team to involve ai in its development. Big shoutout to the devs, you guys are the best sorry if I said something wrong.

AI will not magically solve our problems. The current best LLMs have limited contexts incapable of holding even a twentieth of Pencil2D’s codebase. Moreover a great deal of consideration has to go into every one of the things you’ve proposed beyond just writing code to make it function. What should the interface be like? How does it integrate and interact with the other features of the program? What is the most appropriate way to architect the code? What future enhancements might be applied to this? How will those future enhancements change the requirements for the feature? What are the implications of those requirements? Are there any security implications? What changes need to be made to the build environment? Then after the code has been written we have to ask things like is the performance acceptable? What tests need to be developed for this feature? How do we present this feature to new and returning users? This is just the tip of the development iceberg.

One place I do see AI helping us considerably is in reducing time helping users, so I will leave the rest of my response to ChatGPT:

While it’s true that AI has been used for a wide range of tasks, including writing code and debugging, it’s important to note that Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-3, are not suitable for making complex changes to large codebases consisting of 100000+ lines of code.

LLMs, like GPT-3, are primarily trained on natural language data and may not have a comprehensive understanding of the underlying code logic and architecture. As a result, using LLMs for large-scale code development or modifications can lead to errors, bugs, and other issues that may be difficult to identify and correct.

Additionally, software development involves more than just writing code, such as testing, debugging, and optimization, which requires a level of human expertise and experience. Even with AI-assisted development tools, there will always be a need for human developers to review and verify the code produced by AI systems.

Therefore, while AI can certainly assist in certain aspects of software development, it cannot completely replace human developers or the need for careful planning and testing in developing large codebases. The Pencil2D dev team can explore using AI-assisted development tools to make certain aspects of development faster and more efficient, but it is important to understand the limitations of AI when it comes to software development.

It’s worth noting that Krita has been able to develop a wide range of tools and features because of its funding and larger development team. Krita has had probably about half a million dollars in funding at this point, compared to the zero dollars in funding for Pencil2D, which has undoubtedly given them an advantage in terms of development resources. Krita also has roughly 10x as many substantial contributors as Pencil2D, which allows for a wider range of expertise and more robust development efforts. While Pencil2D has a unique user interface and has certainly made strides in development, it’s important to recognize the impact that funding and resources can have on the development of software.

In conclusion, Pencil2D is an open source project run completely by volunteers, and the lack of funding and contributors has limited its ability to develop a wide range of features and tools compared to more well-funded projects like Krita. While the suggestion of using AI to assist in development is an interesting one, it’s important to recognize that the limitations of AI and the need for human expertise and experience in software development. The Pencil2D dev team is always looking for ways to improve the software and welcomes any contributions from the community. However, for those without technical experience, attempting to make complex changes to large codebases can be challenging and may result in low-quality code submissions, which can further strain already limited development resources. Nevertheless, Pencil2D remains a valuable tool for beginners and intermediate users, and we appreciate the support of our dedicated community.


Firdt of all i didn’t wanna like say devs shouldn’t be involve in the coding process but ai should be involved. The reason why i even said this was because i’ve seen ai code a simple game of minecraft, fix codes and all that, but one of the points I am trying to say here is pencil 2d is not a simple art program that should just draw, erase and paint but an animation program that involves drawing over and over again. Although pencil is simple and very beginner friendly it lacks some features important to animators, aem not saying you should just start working or anything but the tools available are too minimal, I believe this issue came with the original creator. There a lot of people like myself who love pencil cos it’s very simple at has great features

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