Applying something to all frames

How do I apply a part of a drawing to all frames?

@Ash4827 Hi. Hmm I don’t think you can. Pencil2D is quite a simple tool.

If you need something to show for the duration of many frames, it’s better to put it on a layer on top.

However if you really need it to be combined with your current frames, I can only think about exporting the images as a PNG sequence, importing it into a free image editor like Krita, merging the drawing on all frames, and then reimport it back into Pencil2D and keep working.

That said if you need various advanced features like perspective drawing or layer merging, might be better to use Krita overall.

Some people like to use Pencil2D for sketching the animation, and then they use either Krita or Opentoonz to do the lineart, coloring and compositing (opentoonz can do this for example)

I’m not sure what else I can suggest here.

If you have an example of a specific task you want to do we can try to suggest alternative methods so you can keep working as smoothly as possible, but that said Pencil2D is still missing a lot of useful functionality i’m afraid :pensive: .

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