[App Referral] Vectors and Painting

Hey Peeps … so I am now doing an animation about Mushrooms :slight_smile: but I have a problem :frowning: I am creating the mushrooms using the vector tool which is fine but when I use the paint brush it doesn’t seem to want to fill inside… I have zoomed far in and made sure that there are no gaps . Zoomed back to the normal setting and still it doesn’t work… sometimes I have to create a very quick vector image on the same page see if that fills… Sometimes it does sometimes is doesn’t kinda annoying. Please Help

@janglybob9 Hey. Yeah right now the vector tools, particularly the fill are not working as expected. Devs are working as much as possible to get this up to speed, but it will take time. Normally vector files inside the Pencil2D are actually XML file types. However we don’t have an integrated exporter that could potentially convert those to SVG (universal vector format) so you could finish the work in other editor.

My only advice is to direct you to a different animation software that has better vector capabilities than Pencil2D for the time being so you can realize your work without further frustration.

I know two good free vector animation software. One is called Synfig: https://synfig.org/

And the other one is called Tupi: http://www.maefloresta.com/portal/index.php

Both have their own quirks and issues, but are good at creating vector artwork for animation. As far as I know they don’t have vector drawing capabilities with pressure sensitivity like Pencil2D, but it should at least allow you to finish your work.

I’d recommend to try out Tupi first, mainly because the developer, Gustav, has always wanted to make an easy to use program, just like we do. It also has tweening so it might help :slight_smile:

Sorry we can’t solve your issue further, but Pencil2D has very few developers and they all work on their spare time, so it’s hard to promise anything right now. If you finish your work we’d be happy for you to post it here! Take care :smiley:

Thanx for the reply Jose :). I will look into Tupi. And I will defo keep posting up my animation. Have a good day