App opening in a weird ratio

I just started using this app a few days ago, and it was working fine on my Kamvas 16. Today when I opened the app, it opened in a weird ration.

I found a post with the same problem from a few years ago, and the answer said it was a bug that was being worked on, but surely that’s been fixed now?

Why has it opened weird today after working fine for days? (All other apps opening ok on the tablet). And how do I fix it? I can’t work with it like this. I’ve attached a picture of how it looks.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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I’m no expert at all regarding this software, however I can give you some recommendations based on my own experience.

It depends what size your camera layer is I think. By default, the program is in 4:3. Now I can’t remember exactly what @JoseMoreno told me what to do- because I asked him awhile ago “how do I change aspect ratio” and he told me that it had something to do with the camera layer. I did what he told me to do regarding it, and I was able to turn it from 4:3 to 16:9. That was awhile ago so I can’t remember what it was- I’m sure I can go back on my past posts and see it, but right now I can’t. Just know it’s probably something with your camera layer, and ding @JoseMoreno if you have any questions

@JoinTheChase Not exactly, this is an issue but it’s a general issue for anyone using a screen tablet. This happens with Clip Studio Paint, Krita, Photoshop and other commercial applications from time to time.

Unfortunately the solutions may vary depending on the vendor hardware and the operating system.

Here are some potential solutions, though there have been times when you also have to apply all of them to see a positive change.

  1. First is to make sure the Screen tablet resolution is set to a supported screen resolution. Plenty of times users end up forcing the hardware by mistake to have a resolution that is not supported by their product. For this simply go to your OS display settings and if you’re using the tablet as a second monitor, adjust the resolution accordingly.
  2. A rather common issue is the OS enforcing the apps to have a DPI that they were not designed to support for Hi-DPI screens or resolutions (though from experience this also happens when a screen resolution on one monitor is higher than the other).
    You can generally fix this for most your apps by changing the high-DPI settings for the OS or the APP specifically. Navigate through this guide and find the Workaround section, in there please try their solutions first.

  1. Related to point two, if you want a visual guide on how to directly modify the Pencil2D.exe for Windows OS, take a look at our website FAQ here:

4. Additionally you can also look into your system Display settings and change the Scale and layout settings to 100% in case they’re not properly adjusted.

The advanced settings are what forces Windows to scale apps to avoid them looking blurry, but while it’s ok to leave it on, you can try turning it off and then restarting Pencil2D to see if it helps.

  1. The last resort is to change the Pencil2D.exe Windows compatibility to Windows 7 in the application properties. This will force to use legacy Windows tech to render the app, so none of the fancy scaling stuff will be applied to it (in theory), this will revert another bunch of things so I don’t really recommend it unless you’re dealing with a very specific issue.

Note: For macOSX there are some similar settings but overall you can only change the application zooming in the display settings, or properly adjust the resolution for each screen to their supported sizes. I had to deal with this to help a friend and AFAIK macOSX has a really limited way of dealing with this, but since I’m not a mac expert I might be mistaken.

Note 2: Laptop users with a max 1366 x 768 resolution will definitely have issues due to the non standard ratio which is not fully widescreen, for this it’s better to use a lower, but more standard vga resolution like 1024 x 768

Obviously if nothing else works let me know and I’ll report this to the devs and I’ll also direct you to a list of alternative animation apps to use instead of Pencil2D.

Let us know how it goes!

Whatever Jose Moreno said :sunglasses:

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