Anyone knows if Disabling HPET would increase performance of the software?

Hello Friends,

Can anyone tell me if disabling HPET would increase performance of the software.

@Sam Hi. Hmm If by HPET you mean the High Precision Event Timer for PC chipsets, I doubt it will, as Pencil2D is made via Event driven programming and unlike games which run at a 60FPS target, applications that are event driven only update when the user does specific things, so the timer interruption is meaningless for drawing and even for playback.

Since I’m not a programmer in the project I wouldn’t know exactly what is updated when, but Playing with your chipset is a dangerous thing to do if you’re not an expert, so my honest advice is not to do it, or at least don’t do it because of Pencil2D. (it ain’t worth it :stuck_out_tongue:)

If you’re on Windows 10 however I’m told this is turned off by default, but I can’t verify this info myself, but I do know that Win10 eats a whole lot more RAM than previous iterations of the OS (although some experienced users mention that the processing handling is better)

Since Pencil2D runs off CPU only, instead of GPU, having more cores and adequate RAM for each cores would be more benefical. At some point when Pencil2D becomes Hardware accelerated, this would bring an increase to performance as well, but other than that if you’re having issues with slow or laggy input, it’s probably due to the application code itself and how the computation intensive processes are handled, which can’t be fixed by simply having a faster computer I’m afraid.

I’ll ask the devs to see if they have any recommendation to make the software run “faster” and try to review if there are computations that could be improved for the releases that will come :+1:

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