Antialiasing seems not working

Hi, I’ve just installed the program but something seems to fail with the antialiasing, the lines are too pixelated, the option to apply antialiasing to the canvas is selected, but everything is pixelated, the smudge tool makes a lot of small boxes insted smoothing the lines. Im running on a Laptop with a Intel HD graphics family , I wanna know if this is something I need to configure to improve the lines quality.


@procerad Hi Alejandro. First of all Pencil2D has two types of layers, a vector layer and a bitmap layer. You are drawing on bitmap. Vector layers are still getting fixed so we don’t recommend using them just yet :wink:

The second thing is that you are zooming-in. Since this is meant for video, resolution-wise Pencil2D doesn’t have (or need) DPI or PPI as other software meant for print like Photoshop or Illustrator.

The final “size” of your video in Pencil2D is determined by the camera layer size, to change that size double click on the camera layer and enter the dimensions of your final output.

Pencil2D is very simple in concept, so when you have a drawing layer selected as such, when zooming in you, the artist would be literally getting your VIEW closer to the canvas / digital paper, and that’s why it’s getting pixelated. This doesn’t show on the final video.

However If you zoomed In when having the camera layer selected, it would be the CAMERA getting closer to the paper, and that would actually show in the video.

If you press CTRL+H you will reset the current ZOOM % to 100% which is the zoom % meant to represent the way your canvas (and drawings) will look in video. So only at 100% zoom it will look as it will appear on the video.

You can see your zoom percentage on the lower left corner of the interface.

For drawing more faithfully with a tablet I suggest zooming in a value of 200% or even 300 %. Press CTRL +H to preview your lines, and then continue.

If you select the camera layer and press CTRL + H or g to View > Reset Zoom / Rotation you will also reset how the camera will view the canvas to it’s default state (assuming you also moved the camera closer and not “yourself” while drawing)

Let me know if this helps to understand what’s happening.

@procerad just for comparison this is a drawing I did recently in Pencil2D, notice there isn’t any “pixelation”

That is at 100%

If I zoom in the VIEW will get pixelated, but not the drawing itselt on export.
this is at 300% zoom