[ANSWERED] Can I achieve this kind of animation in Pencil2D?

Hi…im new to pencil 2d (with no experience in animation at all)…and wanted to start learning…i found a reference animation while my kid was browsing and would like to achieve the same

Can somebody help me on this and to try to understand the breakdown?

and if this is really possible with pencil 2d? Thanks in advance…,

Sorry for posting it here directly…



@eb2016 Welcome to the Pencil2D forums! I’m going to create a new thread for your question since the current topic is for a different use. Don’t worry you’ll still have access to your response :slight_smile:

Now to answer your question, even though this looks simple because of the style it has a fair amount of layered objects.

It is better to think of each drawing (e.g. fish, rock, cloud etc) as a separate object, now imagine that every “object” or group of objects is places in a separate layer to allow you to give it distinct motion without affecting the others.

For example:

  1. fish drawings

  2. numbers artwork that appear & dissapear

  3. bubbles

  4. boat

  5. ocean “waves” artwork

  6. rocks

  7. silhouette fish that move in the background below the waves

  8. clouds

  9. background that combines sky “blue” on the upper half, and the ocean “blue” on the lower half of the screen (this one is the only thing that doesn’t move in the example)

  10. Last but not least, the sound which would have to go on a different layer as well.

You “could” draw all the artwork in Pencil2D, and export the images to a different program, but since you seem to be asking this with urgency I’ll be straightforward.

Right now Pencil2D lacks the ability to “tween” or “interpolate” drawings like in the example, because it’s main focus is to be used for hand-drawn animation, where the artist draws the inbetween drawings from one picture to another picture on it’s own.

I’d recommend you look into Synfig Studio if you have linux (because the windows version is terribly slow) or try out Blender which is a 3d application that would allow similar effects.

Just search for “Blender 2D animation” on Google and you’ll find tutorials on how to achieve a 2D look with the software, which quite frankly will allow you to animate that in a relatively easier way for what you’re looking to do.

Hope this helps.

+1 to jose’s comment. As of now, Pencil 2D wont be able to help you. Synfig has the features that you want to use to achieve the animation.