Annoying drag up/down

please each time i draw a line it shows an annoying drag up or drag down where im literally drawing. Its so annoying and literally appears at where im drawing. please please im not gonna use this software if this is gonna continue to show up. please help

Hi Jimmy

Well need more info about your problem before we can help you properly.

What version of Pencil2D are you using? What’s your operation system? What’s your tablet brand?

Can you show a screenshot or video of the problem, so we have a proper reference of what the problem entails.

Is it by chance related to this issue?

Hello, The drag up and down issue is fine for now, but I’ve faced another issue: the camera layer (the actual square on the canvas) seemed to have disappeared. I don’t know how to explain it. I draw normally on the Bitmap layer and I can zoom just fine, but when I select the camera layer to move the camera layer on the canvas, it’s just not there! And when I zoom in the camera layer, all my drawing seems to become enlarged (The drawings seem to be affected when I zoom in the camera layer)

I hope you can help me with the issue, it’s really stressful.

Thank you

@jimmyrahi2003 Hi. I have provided an explanation on how the Camera Layer works in this topic How to see borders in camera layer

Most likely you’re using a camera resolution size that is close to your screen resolution (e.g 1920 x 1080) as such the camera is always showing how the final output will look. If you zoom, pan or rotate, you will literally transform the camera, not the view

You can transform the view when drawing because you need to see where you’re drawing, but transforming the camera means you are making camera moves and this will show on your final video.

That said we have submitted a proposal to allow the camera layer to be seen from afar, however as far as I understand this isn’t an easy thing to do because of how the software was programmed before we took over maintenance.

@jimmyrahi2003 If you need to use other applications, don’t feel bad about it. We don’t really want Pencil2D to slow down your learning or work, so if you feel Pencil2D is not the right tool for you, please consider looking at our curated animation software list to look for alternatives:

I personally often use additional animation software for my work. Pencil2D I mostly use for quick sketches and rough animation tests at the moment then use other apps to take the job further.

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