[Announcement] Discord / Fourm Roles

(scribblemaniac) #1

Hello, I am pleased to announce a new feature in our Discord server! We now have a custom bot that will allow you to select your “Role” on this server, a way to help other users identify your experience level. We have many roles for you to choose from at the moment including: Beginner, Freelance Animator, Hobbyist, and Veteran Animator.

In order to set your role, you must join the corresponding group in these forums. First sign in to your account (or create a new one if you do not already have one) and then visit this url to join one or more of the open groups: https://discuss.pencil2d.org/groups. It’s as simple as that! Within a few minutes, you will automatically receive the corresponding role on Discord. Please note that this will only work if your forum username matches the Discord nickname that you use for this server. If they do not match, your Discord nickname can easily be change by right clicking on it in the right panel and choosing the “Change Nickname” option).

You do not need to be a part of the Discord server to join the groups on our forums however. So if you would prefer to only use these forums, you can still join a group and that will add a tag next to your name.

If you encounter any difficulties using this feature, please post below and myself or one of the mods will do our best to help you. I hope to see some of you showing off this new feature soon!

(Jose Moreno) #2