Animation tests - loops


This is some superfrog related stuff. More info here:

I like it !

Thank you, I will post more soon :slight_smile:


This is just a good rough animation!!!..
I can see the animation thing going through your veins ! :slight_smile:

Nice, nice!
I like the feel of the pencil on the lines

awesome =o) I love the fluid motion in the second one, every part of the character animated.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Here’s another one: astro Pencil2d helped me win a Game jam competition award :smiley:

Todor, the strokes look like real pencil, it is great!
Congratulations! :slight_smile:

thank you!! Pencil2d has an excellent pencil tool. It is better than any pencil brush I ever tried in mypaint. The thing is I wanted to use it for the entire animation process, but had to use toonboom instead because pencil2d’s vector tools have some issues limitations.


As I told you before, I really like the way you sketch your animation… so simple and still so dynamic !