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I’m just curious. In Pencil2D, the timeline starts at frame 1. Whereas in most video editing programs including free and open-source like Kdenlive, or an alternative to Pencil2D like Krita, even though animation is the secondary job, the timeline starts at frame 0. :confused: This would make it hard for me to know the precise order of the frames if I were to export them and import them into Kdenlive for compiling into an animation. This raises the question “Should I place Animation Frame 1 in Video Editor Frame 0 or extend Animation Frame 1 from Video Editor Frame 1 to Frame 2, with the remaining Animation Frames starting at Video Editor Frame 3, or is it Frame 2?” :confused: This is very contradictory, complicated and outright confusing! :angry:

Please help me! S.O.S.! :worried:

@JacobZeier1992 Actual animation software in general starts from frame 1, and if it has frame 0 it’s used to keep layouts or other elements like in Moho Pro.

Krita has a way to change the animation to start the animation range and export from frame 1 instead of 0.

“Should i Place animation frame 1 in video editor frame 0, or extend Animation Frame 1 from Video Editor Frame 1 to Frame 2”

Honestly I don’t know how you like to work, but what I do is:

  1. If I export individual keyframes: I simply map the exported frames to the actual frames in the video editor starting from frame one instead of 0 and export using the custom range bar which you can drag over kdenlive’s timeline.

  1. If I export the image sequence directly from Pencil2D (which is what you should do too) you will only need to import all the sequence as a clip and start from frame 1. Kdenlive automatically recognizes image sequences and imports a single clip. The trick to this is that you have to give it the proper timing in Pencil2D, not in the editor.

If you’re worried about it though, just import the image sequence clip and move it 1 frame back so it starts from 0.

If you have multiple image clips you can select them all in kdenlive and move them at the same time easily.

It really doesn’t get any easier to be honest.

If I’m misunderstanding you please let me know so I can correct my statements.

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So, let me get this straight; you say I should place frame 1 right at frame 1.

But what about frame 0? Should I just add a random image frame before the animation starts?

If I ignore frame 0, wouldn’t the footage start with a black frame when I export it to .mp4?

@JacobZeier1992 Hi. Hmm I literally made the GIF to present you how to import the frames, how to place them on the timeline and how to edit the Timeline zone. This also can be done with the In / Out point buttons on the Project Monitor.

Once you use that when you render you use the “selected zone” option.


Your video will start at the frame where the In point is place at. If you’re doubtful make a simple test. Export the video like that and then re-import the video into Kdenlive and see if there’s any issue.

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