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Hi all, I am working on a project since Feb, 2021. It is going well now we need to create a 2D animation video for promotional purpose. We are looking to hire a 2D animation services company to complete our project. Company should have an experience of minimum 5 years in 2D animations. The video will be consist of 15 to 20 minutes. Remaining all the details will be provided on first discussion. Please recommend me some companies. Thanks

@Jessiejhon Hi. This is a technical support forum for an open source software. Unfortunately we don’t provide animation services here.

On the other hand if you’re looking for a company with such services, doesn’t the link you added qualify to fulfil your criteria?

I think you should advertise your requirements in a different place like LinkedIn or, particularly if you need the project completed soon since we won’t be able to provide proper advice on finding specialized labour for your inquiry.

Hey! Can i join your animation crew? i am pretty experienced with pencil 2d!

Resume i guess?:

Male, -age removed by moderator, never share your personal information in a public space-
Name: Matt (I never use my full name). Have been animating for two years (pencil 2d of course). A few good stickman fights. Could draw simple charaters. Will work for free! (I want experience) Can animate fight scences. My only weakness so far is “walk cycles”

Hire me! -e-mail removed by moderator, please never share your email in an open space, use private messages instead-
Note, i am still in about to go to high school, so i can only work 1-2 hours a day. But summer is coming up so i can probably work more. Thank you for reading my resume. Please contact me if you want more details. Thank you.

Matt Traingle Guy Inc. (Not a real company)

@MattAng Hi Matt, I’m sorry to say that unfortunately this was quite possibly a spam post made by the original user.

We didn’t remove it while we waited for them to provide a counter argument and explain what they wanted, considering they already provided the services they were asking to obtain, so it would have been a bot.

This means there’s no job offer here. On the other hand while I applaud your interest in working, I ask you please NEVER reveal your age when you are underage. This can lead to a lot of problems, and while Pencil2D forum is generally a safe space, this is also a public space, and you never know which people are reading these threads from search engines.

If you need a job, depending on the regulations of your country, I suggest you look into providing your own services at first to members of your immediate community, friends,& family, with parental guidance.

This is because legally most countries do NOT allow underage work below the age of 14 and without a guardian approval. This is specially important for contract work.

So please take care of yourself and keep training your art so in the near future you can continue looking for work without having issues.