Animation Resolution VS. Render Resolution

Hi. So, I’ve been using this program to animate for a game I’ve been developing. I have some animations that I want to render, but I can’t figure out how to render the animations properly. Whenever I try to render the animation, it always comes out resized from the actual pixel size that it shows on the actual program. I’ve even tried to figure out what resolution to make the animation by comparing the rendered version with the in program version, but even that looked weird. Does anyone know an easy way to render animations exactly pixel to pixel?

Images included to demonstrate my issue.

There are two important things here: the size of your camera, and the size of your exported video. If you want to avoid any scaling issues, you need to make sure these match exactly. The default export options should be the same size. When you double click on the camera layer in the timeline, you will see the exact resolution of the camera.

There is also another thing to consider, and that is the zoom of the camera. With the camera layer selected, you want to make sure that it is at exactly 100% zoom. Anything more, and the pixels of your drawing will take up more than one pixel in the exported result. Anything less, and multiple pixels in your drawing will be combined into a single pixel. With the camera layer selected, you can go to View > Reset Zoom/Rotate, although keep in mind that this will undo any other camera movements if you have used that feature.

I think that that’s exactly the problem, the zoom on the camera layer. You are a life saver, thank you.

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