Animation Platforms

Hello, I’m using the latest version of pencil 2d which appears as this white box where you animate and the rest is grey. I want to zoom in on a certain area of my animation but it only zooms in, it doesn’t let me zoom in where I want to. Is their anyway to do it?

@missingno1 Hey. When you say zoom-in you mean the camera, or just the view? Right now if you zoom in with a bitmap or vector layer selected, the VIEW will zoom in or out.

If you select the Camera layer, you will be able to animate the motion. However this will only be seen when you export movies directly and not image sequences. This is an issue that is being investigated right now.

Also if you want I can give you a tour of the program live. Would you want that? I can setup a stream right now. Let me know.

How should I put it, Can I move the white box?

@missingno1 Hmm. Ok I see, so just to be clear, the inner white “box” is actually a canvas which has a grey “viewfinder” on top. This grey frame tells you what the size of the final movie will be.

To move it you need to use the “hand” tool. You select the tool then click & drag. This works both for the view mode and the camera animation mode. However both will behave differently.

When you move the “VIEW” that means you are moving the whole canvas, but the drawing stays in the same place on the canvas and within the frame.

If you move the CAMERA, you will animate / displace the canvas, but the camera frame (grey viewfinder) will remain stationary.

To manipulate the canvas here are some shortcuts:

SPACEBAR = Temporary Hand Tool (PAN)
CTRL + SPACEBAR = Temporary Hand Tool (ZOOM): You have to drag the mouse towards you to zoom in, and drag away from you to zoom out)
ALT + SPACEBAR = Temp Hand Tool (ROTATE): If you drag your mouse right, the VIEW will rotate Counter Clock Wise. If you drag left, it will rotate clockwise.