Animation Not Exporting

Hi, I have just started using pencil and i was trying to export my animation and everything went well I got to name the file and chose the destination, filetype etc. but then when I click ok the export window closes and nothing happens I am using a mac running OS X yosemite and using pencil 0.5.4
Please help.

@tbazetv Welcome Trey. Pencil2D’s video export from version 0.5.4b has been known to be malfunctional for some time now, and the developers are trying to get it to work for the next release, whenever that might happen.

For now please read the appropriate FAQ entry outlining alternate ways to export your animation from Pencil2D.

And visit our tutorials page for more overviews on how to use the software:

Yes this is a known issue but it really isn’t that hard to work around.
Firstly, I would suggest using the newest nightly build, it would be the March 8th one, this build has less broken fetures than 0.5.4b, and it’s easter to see what will be exported. Secondly when you are going to export, export to a image sequence and put that into a folder of its own. Next, get a program called Fiji and open it. It would just look like a little tool bar. After that, go to File>Import>Image sequence, and select the first image in the folder you made earlyer. Now finally, go to File>Save As>AVI, type in your frame rate, and then save it.
You sould now have the video you just made.