Animation file corrupted? Please help!

I’ve been working on an animation for a while now and today I got this image error message and I don’t know what to do- it’s over 300 frames with color and music and the file doesn’t seem changed but it just won’t open! Is there anything I can do to recover my animation? :,(

@sealdeer Sorry to hear about this. We can only offer you to upload your file on this link so we can try to recover whatever was saved.

It’s quite possible the first frames weren’t saved depending how the problem occurred, as this happens when saving / packaging the file.

If you have a previous file please use that to finalize recovering your work, otherwise please follow this guide and see if it’s even remotely possible to recover the files that are dumped to the temporary file of your operating system:

Either way, there is a high chance that you have to at least redo your work partially, so please download the latest verson available of Pencil2D and try saving either various backup copies of your work or use the PCL file type which does not save to a single file but to a folder with all the components, and that way it will be a bit harder to lose work (but don’t forget to still save copies of that!)

Edit: By the way when sharing the Pencil2D file make sure you don’t mark the “Make my work public” checkbox so only the developers can see it

Hi! I have that problem too. Can I send you the file? Thank you.