AH! Man runs rotoscoped

It’s 4 seconds. Give it a watch!

And don’t ask why he’s running.

Feedback appreciated! - Joey H.

Nice animation!

My crit would be, he runs too leisurely. He is screaming so he seems to be running away from something, but he looks like he is jogging than actually running away from something.

Or maybe that is how running actually looks like, but being a cartoon animation we just expect some exaggeration.

Is the original video you rotoscoped from available?

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Nice. The sound is good and the arms move, which is good.

The middle section, seems very stiff and moves only to the left. I think a little bit of up and down movement would make it a lot more natural looking.

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The original video I rotoscoped over is a video of myself (not public) I recorded running across the screen. I intentionally ran in a bit of a goofy manner (either that or I just can’t run properly).

As for his slower pace… You’re right- it does look kind of leisurely. I didn’t even think of that, to be honest.

It isn’t that you aren’t running properly, the type of running just doesn’t match what the context of the animation says.

The character seems to be running away from something that scared him, taking the context given by the audio of him screaming and the expression of the character. The animation itself however seems to indicate that the character is just jogging or running lightly from one side of the room to another. Just a leisurely kind of running and not the screaming, scared out of their crap type of running. You can even say that the character is just walking fast with large steps. Close to running but not fully committed to running.

If the screaming is taken out and the character given a more relaxed expression, then things would fall more harmoniously into place.

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Right, I understand!

Thanks for the feedback!