[ADMIN] Tumblr Access + other things

I’m back… Again. My computer has been fixed, and hopefully it won’t break again. I’m still getting stuff reinstalled but I’ll be able to contribute more now.

Anyways in light of my recent absence, does anyone want access to the pencil2d tumblr? It seems like a good way to reach out to animators who may have interest in it, but I’ve been a bit out of the loop and I have a tendency to disappear for long periods of time. It’d be good to have another person help run it.

Also, I mentioned this in another thread, but - we should have a skype group for pencil2d devs! We wouldn’t actually use the video/voice chat, but the instant messaging on skype automatically sends to anyone in the group when they come online, making it easier to communicate with people in other timezones.

@spark welcome back man! I’m trying to handle the communications stuff meanwhile in order to lay the ground for having a successful a new release being spread (whenever that happens). I was actually giving support on a case by case scenario to tumblr people who tagged their stuff on tumblr.

So if you want send me a private message with the login credentials or add me as an admin (if that’s possible) it’d be grateful. I won’t change the login or anything in case you want to continue helping over there :slight_smile:

On the skype thing, we setup a private hangout through a new bussiness page I created for Pencil2D. It’s still getting roughed out but I think soon I’ll make the announcement. We already have a pencil2d g+ “personal” page plus a g+ community, which helps as well and is managed by kaiko.

I don’t know if everyone has skype, but when I send the announcement to discuss those two options i’ll ask around :slight_smile:

Anyway, glad to have you back, every bit of help, helps!

I added you to the tumblr - you should get an email (I used the email you put on your tumblr, assuming that’s the one you registered with)

If we don’t need a skype group, then that’s fine, but I did find feeef and Matt on skype already :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t use G+ but I will start using it if that’s how the pencil2d devs are communicating through it :slight_smile:

And thanks! I’m glad to be back!

@spark Thanks man, already accepted your invite. Hmm maybe I should also ask out for skype accounts then. To be honest hangouts is the least…private, but if people are fine using either when there’s techncial problems I think we could use both, just focus on one primarily and have the other as backup.

And no they are not using hangouts yet because I’m trying to setup a permanent address that’s easy to access. You don’ have to get hangouts either lol, I’ll try to see that we just have enough communication methods so nothing will stop us hahah.

We also will use hangouts for people to contact us if they need to…but this is just an idea, for now I’m not even thinking of the would-be trolls hah, just something to provide basic user support if possible.

@spark Hey man, well today I took some time to give some support on tumblr. I was wondering If I can also update the FAQ, because the blog isn’t letting me add or edit any page.

I simply wanted to update the info about the mods and to link the new FAQ that we have here: http://www.pencil2d.org/faq

Let me know whenever if I can edit that stuff and how. Thanks man!

Okay, I’ve given you admin access :slight_smile: