Add Lua scripting to Pencil2D

Since Pencil is written in C++ adding Lua should be very easy.

With lua the possibilities are unlimited. Adding filters, copying lines, moving the camera layer…

To quote my answer from here:

To address the actual idea: there is no plans to support plugins/mods/addons for Pencil2D anytime soon. That would be quite a substantial amount of work, and does not really make sense until we have a fully stable program first to build an API on top of. An API is what these extensions would use to talk with Pencil2D. Since Pencil2D is open source, anyone can create their own versions with custom features by modifying the source code, and in fact a few people have done that. This is similar to modding, but isn’t something that can easily be added to existing version of Pencil2D and these changes cannot be easily used together. Unless the creator publishes pre-built binaries, it also requires a fair amount of technical experience to even get these versions running.

All of this still applies, and there is no language that will make adding plugin support easy.


Thank you for the answer!

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