About the Smudge tool

Does anyone knows what this feature is all about? Is it working properly?

I am not able to figure out what is its function. I can see no changes when I try to apply it on a bitmap canvas.

I would appreciate a feedback!


Adjust pen path on Vector Layer


Oh! I can see

It is working fine.

I know this is an old post but when googling about this function this is the only one relevant that pops up. I created an account just to let you guys know how useful the smudge tool really is! Not just for Vector but Bitmap as well. I just recently (about a month) found out about this program and have fallen in love with the ease and convenience of it. For me though, I like to create realistic eye popping images. I am very fond of Gimp and their smudge tool is a staple in my creativity. Using multiple layers of color and smudging them together gives off a real shaded feel instead of the straight lines used to create shading in Anime style drawings.

This being said I know you guys are currently working on integrating MyPaint which I think is awesome so the smudge tool probably won’t get a fix before that point but it does make me sad to refrain from using it for awhile. (It smudges large boxes of color with a white outline) But I can’t wait for the integration and If I was good at something I would offer my services and volunteer to help but I didn’t go to college. XD I can however use the program as they are release and provide any bug feedback I may encounter.