Ability to trace raster drawings (with Potrace?)

One thing I’d also like to throw out there: since Pencil has the capability of both vector AND raster, it would be great to integrate a program like Potrace into the mix. This is the same engine that Inkscape uses for tracing. I use it to trace BMP sequences into SVG, then I use InkscapeBatch (http://inkscapebatch.sourceforge.net/Homepage) to convert the SVGs to PNGs with alpha. If you just stick to tracing raster to vector, with maybe a specific layer devoted to “Trace”, you can scale the output of the animation to any resolution. The trace effect is also very nice and doesn’t require any anti-alazing.

I run Potrace command-line for the batch processing. Check it out here if you’re not already familiar with it: http://potrace.sourceforge.net/ It’s b/w only, but that makes it ideal for inking off a raster sketch. It also allows you to select the color of the trace and the color of the fill on the trace (if desired).

I’d like to bump up this thread. I’m really looking forward for this feature to be added in pencil. Most of animation today esp anime are still hand drawn and the ability to trace it in pencil2d makes it more easy rather than having to redraw it again. thanks