Ability for Camera layer to Rotate

This would allow pictures to rotate while playing, possibly making cool 360 animations.

Brilliant idea!

Could fit with this idea (see topic) : basic layer properties ?

@amber_imeh: If by 360 you mean a 3D transformation (e.g. the camera orbiting the drawing), then it seems like you’re talking about a whole new application. 2D and 3D apps generally have their own separate ways of presenting, linking, and interacting with project data. Then again, 2D applications such as GIMP have plugins that will generate simple 3D transformations like mapping an image onto a 3D primative shape which moves and rotates. I guess the difference would be that a 2D application creating 3D transformations would have to render the transformation onto the timeline before you can use it, as opposed to being dynamically redrawn with every move in a 3D application.

And as @admin suggested, new layer properties would need to be created in order for the camera to handle the 3rd dimension: at least the thickness of the layer and the distance between layers would need to be known.

Funny how writing works…I started out with the idea of saying this is essentially impossible, but end up thinking it might actually work (toonboom and flash utilize depth in 2D layers, so we could too).

If by 360 you mean rotating on the (implied) z-axis, that’s already there…just kinda limited.

I understood 360 like from top view. Or like you could rotate in the Gimp. Not 3D, i would use blender to pan around a video textured plane for perspective effects.