A "new" animation method

Recently, I’ve been getting back into animating regularly, as I had started 8 years ago, but have not done any actual projects since about 2 years ago. I noticed something was off. Animation has become a lot more “object-based” over the years. I was comparing Animaniacs cartoons, namely the ones from the 1990s and the reboot ones from now (2020-2021). I’ve discovered in that major time difference, you see that it is more of a “pose-and-talk” style now than it was back then. This is also applicable even more so in Youtube animation today, “pose-and-talk-about-me-and-mostly-me-only”. I honestly know more about how animation was done in the older days than nowadays, because I’m often a “retro-geek” and tend to be more interested in older technology than newer. This is because I have a tendency to appreciate those older things a LOT more. Back before everything became super-digital, they used cel animation (I’m assuming you probably know what that is, but look it up if you don’t). To move drawings a certain way, they redrew the drawing of the frame by tracing it roughly, allowing for a more “animated feel”, whereas digital animation is a lot more of just several objects tweening automatically around, with the some actually newly drawn keyframes. So, taking this into account, I make things harder for myself, but for a better look. Also, not ALL animation nowadays has changed to that, but is is more common than before, obviously… And, with that I have this 6-second test random test animation (careful, it gets a bit loud):

(This might be an unorthodox way to share a creation of mine)

You have a good point.