A little flashback from when I was starting animation


(Sorry the gif is in a bad aspect ratio and quality, the original video only exists on my google drive, and I had to convert it into a gif via a separate website in order to upload it here. The original file for this animation is long gone- so it is essentially personal lost media that will never be recovered)

In 2020 I was trying to make an animated SpongeBob fan film. Knowing absolutely nothing about copyright law and/or animation, I decided to give it a shot. I created entire storyboards for the film, which, sadly, I don’t think will ever become a reality. The storyboards sit in my drawer, collecting dust. This is partially recovered screen recorded footage of the first shot of the first scene. Maybe one day if I feel motivated enough, I may revisit the project and reanimate it from the ground up- though there’s no possible way of it becoming public due to heavy copyright law regarding the character of SpongeBob. I may let certain people watch the film though if it ever happens.

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make a new one the animation is really cool. also make the krabby patty fall down fast not slow cuz yes

That was really cool. It must be awesome to look back.

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I remember MY big shot- I made a very wacky series called Hahnboy around when I was 8 or 9 and it was my biggest “project” in my life for several years. Everyone loved Hahnboy and its very cryptic (but still fun) story format. Sadly, I can’t do anything with it because its major gimmick was the Nintendo game characters that were featured in it. Maybe someday I can do a Hahnboy/Super Dog crossover without getting sued.

Some old HAHNBOY treasures

THE FIRST HB COMIC (From May 4, 2014):

THE LAST ONE EVER FINISHED (from like, 2020):

(Notice the empty bottom right- there is nothing there… *Sob!)

Those were the days… Just needed someone to share it with. I understand, @Jordan_River_Studios.

… [Sorry! I kind of just diverted the topic a lot with my own stuff. If you take anything away from this: Sometimes we need to remember the old stuff when we work on the better stuff.]

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