A combo atack! A experimentaton

Im trying ways of doing good animation in a short amount of time so i’m trying some tools in Blender Grease Pencil for the cleanup part, becouse this is the one that takes the most time. I achieved some successes and other failures but this is the result:


Hey @Preguica2d,

Nice animation. I love the attack. Just a little new to Pencil2d I would love to gain some tips from you. Seems that you are pretty good. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the hard work.

Sincerely, Sinak.

Thanks! I would recomend use the book “the animator’s survival kit” to use as a reference guide in your studies.

Also make sure you know the basics of drawing like shapes, volume, perspective and anatomy. Here is a awasome source for free:

For animation you can check thoses:

They also have paid stuff with affordable prices

Other important thing you are alwere doing well is choose a ease softwere. Not something with infinite tools. Pencil2D covers all the basics in a ease way to use so you learn animation not software. And animaiton takes time, so may be tempting to try the tools and techniques to make things faster but put some time to make things right first. That’s all. Good look!

Hey @Preguica2d, Thank you so much for the awesome reply. I will surely look into the resources you’ve sent me. Hope to do become a successful animator.


Regards, Sinak.