64Bit version of the Pencil2D download

You can download, extract & run the 32Bit version. If you do the same with the 64Bit version it doesn’t work.

If you add 3 .dll files to the zip file. All the 64Bit as show in the screen grab below. Then the 64bit version will open in the same manor as the 32Bit version.


@AnimatorElisa Hi, welcome to the forum. Hmm we usually recommend users to download the specific version they require depending on their operating system version & architecture. It’s not useful to use a lower bit architecture if you don’t need to since it can lead to limitations on performance.

For example, if you have a 64bit architecture of your operating system you can theoretically use both 32bit or 64bit versions of Pencil2D, but you should use only 64bits software when possible.

Now you mention that the 64bit folder is missing 3 DLL files, that’s not exactly the case. We simply don’t ship specific dll’s that are supposed to be part of the user system because we don’t control what kind of configuration you may or may not have.

Some DLL’s are specific to the Windows operating system and in most cases your automatic windows updates should take care of these files. That said out of mere convenience Pencil2D does provide an embedded installer for a single file that can sometimes be missing on newly installed systems i.e VCRUNTIME140_1.dll but it is not our obligation to update it nor to bundle the file itself, as it is the operating system job to provide you, the end user, with those files.

I’m now looking at the screenshot and i’m seeing some things that are a bit confusing. you seem to have some files that shouldn’t be there:

  1. MSVCP140.dll
  2. VCRUNTIME140.dll
  3. VCRUNTIME140_1.dll

As you can see in the image below, that is how a normal Pencil2D package folder should look like for either 32 or 64 bits. And the files mentioned above should be installed globally in the windows folder, not placed by hand by the user since these DLL’s are used for many more applications, not just Pencil2D.

In addition to what @JoseMoreno has already said, I would like to reiterate that you should not be adding additional .dll files to your Pencil2D from third-party sources. We can provide some assurance about the safety of our own application, but when you starting using external libraries we cannot guarantee that they do not contain malicious content. If you have issues with a dialog popping up saying you are missing MSVCP140.dll or something similar to that, then the correct way to fix this issue is to run the vc_redist file included with Pencil2D. This is an installer that comes form Microsoft and it will install the necessary components on your computer to be used by Pencil2D and potentially many other programs.

The computer system that this happens on is at work. I have no say in how it, or my account on it is set up. I’m simply a user.

What I’ve suggested as a mod works on the above system.

@AnimatorElisa Hi :wave: In that case of a workstation, it’s difficult for us to suggest a hands-on approach. Your system administrator should keep the computer up-to-date, that’s their job.

If you’re using Pencil2D on the computer at work consistently, try talking to them though you could try running Pencil2D from a USB Pen Drive and you should only need the VC_RUNTIME140_1.dll at least for Windows 10.

However since the Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributables should also install other key components, it might not be enough to just have the DLL file in the USB drive for it to work completely, but this may vary depending on the workstation environment.

When we mention you shouldn’t download these DLL’s from third party sites, we mean it’s better to only download them from either Microsoft official websites or to pick them up from your own personal windows installation to avoid potentially unwarranted software like malware or viruses.

My work around I think will be to use the 32bit version, as this works out of the box!

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