442 frame animation won't convert to MP4 and says my file is crashed when I try and open the exported MP4

I am making an animation for my classes and it is 442 frames long with 2 audio layers, 4 bitmap layers and 1 camera layer. However- whenever I export it as a movie and MP4 file, none of my players (media player, vlc player, standard photos) can open the file and say it is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect or the file is corrupt.

Is there a way to fix this- I need answers ASAP !

@dewwynose Upload your file to wetransfer.com and share with us an anonymous link so we can export it for you and ask the developers to check if there are any errors in the file that could lead to your crashing.

Please watch the GIF, to see how to use wetransfer to get the anonymous link option:

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