2 days of trying to animate

Hello I’m new here and I can’t find where to go to animate. I’ve read all I’ve could and still can’t find where to go to get started. Please help.

@Ace Hi. Pencil2D is a portable desktop application you have to download. You don’t need to install it to use it. And to use it efficiently you’d require a graphics tablet or similar digitizing input device.

Pencil2D has never been a mobile device or “online” drawing app. If you’d like something like that for mobile you could try flip-a-clip, or animation desk. For online animation apps, I’m not familiar with any.

If you’d like to download the program on your desktop computer, you can go to http://pencil2d.org/download and get the files for your specific operating system (e.g Windows, Mac, Linux)

If you’d like a more “interactive” way to reach other users we have different community driven hubs like a Discord server, or a Facebook user group and you can find the links on the following address: http://pencil2d.org/community