15 Animations in 30 days (Pencil)

I was inspired by an animator who made 30 very tiny animations within 30 days (Geoff King), and they are all marvellous.

I am going to push myself into that experience, to see if I can handle the situation.
I will use this new topic for all the entries related to this challenge.
(no descriptions no names)
I am going to do 15 animations in 30 days. And I will try to keep it very simple and with some quality, if any…

Software Pencil 0.5 beta, old code [18March2011](allows me to save projects)

I started DAY ONE as:

Whoa! That tea cup is so good!

This is a really good project to do. I am going to try and join in, but I’m guessing I will fall behind. I work slow, haha.

Damn Carlos! Keep them coming…really cool

Thank you for the comments!

I forgot to mention, like using your own words, on my challenge:
“I’m guessing I will fall behind. I work slow…” jejeje
But I´ll try

I like it, both the idea and the teacup. I shall try to join you if I can get o.5b to run.


Man! this is great! i need to animate so much to get some level pumping out of my veins to post here haha, i wanted to ask you what kind of tablet do you have? i cannot honestly get precise drawings with mine in any software (even pencil here) except a japanese one but its only for painting, i’ve been considering buying a small cintiq 13 HD (when i manage to save the money) but to be honest i would like to search for other alternatives. I kind of read that you had some brand…a “trust” tablet? if so, would you be so kind to give us a small review about it? it would be greatly appreciated, thanks anyway and by all means keep going with this topic! animation is certainly made out of practice and you’re off to a great start!

This is a great idea! I think I’m going to join in too and try the challenge. Might have to add an extra day since it’s so late right now though… Sounds like a lot of fun.

Excellent =o)

This is gonna be a good month.

Brilliant start to the project kaiko! Starting something like this is always a good way to develop your skills. Not sure if I have enough discipline to do 15 in 30 days!

I made my own thread, where I’ll post whenever I have one finished:


Hi people.

BIG THANKS to all of you for the comments! :slight_smile: I really appreciate that.

(I have had big problems with my computer, but now it seems fixed…)

Since my first topic here. I thought that I was kind of skilful, just like that, for this thing of animation, and for my bad I decided to add more details to the following videos, using inorganic forms and so… but I failed completely.
I came to a conclution that keeping simple forms and simple animations, like @connors did, will do the trick.

(one thing for sure, inorganic forms are sooo difficult to draw and lot more difficult to animate jejeje, not sure what to do next :slight_smile:

Hei, you made me laugh with your comment jejeje.
Well, about my tablet, it is a TRUST (Wide Screen Design) Tablet TB-7300
This product is already discontinued, but if you like (or feel comfortable) watching the screen while drawing on a tablet, a TRUST is a good product. The pen was the only thing that got me problems, it has its plastics all broken, and I had to fix it inside (I am technician, so …:slight_smile: )

I recommend you to go for one with a decent draw area (this one is 30,5 x 18,5 cm)
The pressure sensitivity is more than good. I use ArtRage, Xara, Pencil2D, PAP, and all work very well with the pressure and fine details…
Hope it helps.

There is still 14 days left for the final render of my own challenge. But I am afraid I am not going to have the right time to finish all, at least in a presentable fashionable way

I found several issues during my attempt to animate all the 15 animations. One is that I do not know how to animate organic models (human, animals) and I realized I lack the drawing skills for animation. And that had stopped me from giving a clean final render.
The other reason is that I wanted to colour some parts of the animations, but the fill colours are applied to the wrong layer and I wasn’t able to understand the reason, the same for the Undo feature which has not help me when I needed :slight_smile:

So here they are 9 rough animations. I will clean them and add more animation frames as soon as I got more time, my main reason, and more skills :slight_smile:

Sorry, my apologizes to all of you!

See you all

I am in need of some good rest.
I will be back after a couple of days.

Take care!
And thanks

@kaiko, this is great.
And this could be a real “contest” (on the newsletter) in some months, when Pencil2D will have evolved a little; to make a kind of buzz (but I hate that word) around the software; don’t you think ?

I @admin,

It sounds reaaally good :slight_smile:
In my experience :), 10 Animations in 30 Days! would be OK, allowing most of us to have time to participate.

Just waiting to see the final stable Pencil2D.

Hey those tests are looking great! Don’t get discouraged, your figure drawing looks good, when you made that diver you kept the proportions consistent which is a must; and, that lion… That one impressed me. If you do take the time to flesh these out, they’ll look way cool. And the rolling gear, where the perspective changes, that’s tricky stuff to do. 3D camera movement. Actually it’s giving me some ideas for things to try before I run out of my 30 days. Best of luck to you and your drawing.

(how it feels your new avatar? :slight_smile: )

Thank you for your words! :slight_smile: I mean it. Is a fact that I am having less free time, but I will bring my things at the right time.

By the way, you have just called a Lion to my little cat :)… I will tell her about this whole thing…
she would be proud after all jeje

I love these. The diver in particular has come out really well. I do agree though that 10 animations puts less strain on the available time, I have struggled to get even that many done. Keep up the good work =)