0.6.2 Release Plan

(Matt) #1

Hi guys,
@JoseMoreno @CandyFace @scribblemaniac @J5lx

I am thinking to release the v0.6.2 in one or two weeks based on the current code base.
Although it’s a bit different from our original roadmap, but I think it’s necessary.

First, thanks to all the contributors (especially @CandyFace), we have made many improvements in the latest nightly builds. It’s good to be a new version.

Also, A file-save bug (maybe the last) has just been found and fixed. Please refer to this thread and the fix. Since file-saving is such a critical part of pencil2d, we should release it as soon as possible to prevent users from losing their works. Actually it’s a bug in miniz library. miniz uses _stat() to get the last modified time of a file but the function doesn’t always accept unicode filepath at all.

I have to say sorry to @CandyFace haven’t got enough time to review your undo-redo reimplementation in depth. We will push it back to v0.6.3 but I promise I will put it in priority in the next version.

The nightly build 5th July 2018 will be the first release candidate of v0.6.2.

Please let me know if you guys have any ideas.

(Jakob Gahde) #2

I haven’t been able to follow development very closely recently, but this seems alright to me!

(Oliver) #3

I think releasing is a good idea. There are several very important fixes in master atm. so I agree that we should get them out asap.

About Miniz, if it’s a bug then we should file a report at https://github.com/richgel999/miniz
or at least ask if he’s aware of the problem.

No worries about the backup PR, it’s pretty big and a very essential part of the application so we should make sure it works as intended before merging.

(Jose Moreno) #4

Yes I agree, the camera export bug and the save file bug are some pretty important fixes. I would have like that the xml wipe issue would have been thoroughly confirmed as fixed but hopefully we won’t have as many cases as before if the problem was related to the save-file bug (due to the miniz issue)

I also agree with CandyFace that such an important and robust feature should be thoroughly reviewed and tested so I don’t think it’s bad to push it to 0.6.3

@chchwy As a related topic, I want to try my best to organize and categorize the current open issues so we don’t get side-tracked or some of those don’t get lost in priority. As mentioned on DISCORD a few weeks ago I offered to undertake the classification of many of the reports (and commented about a third of those already) to see if they are necessarily a core feature or if they go beyond the scope of the software and are put “on hold”.

However for that to happen I’d need a bit more leeway on the repo to close issues that have been fixed, add labels and that sort of stuff as well as creating individual issues for the roadmap requests that are deemed part of the CORE features that Pencil2D should have. With that said i’d like to ask if possible to provide me with enough permissions to perform those functions in the near future :slightly_smiling_face:

(scribblemaniac) #5

I’m also in favor of making a new release soon. There are some important bug fixes that should be made available asap as many of you have mentioned already. I can’t remember all of the things that have been done, but if there are no major changes (ie. if it’s just bug fixes and minor improvements), then you could also consider making it v0.6.1.2. Just an idea.

(Matt) #6

haven’t forgotten about the v0.6.2, just haven’t got the time to touch anything Pencil2D related yet except the translation update. I will get some free time next week so we can prepare the v0.6.2 release.

And a new Chinese (China) translation has been added, thank jcome.

(Matt) #7

v0.6.2 is out! thank you, everyone.