0.6.2 Release Candidate User Testing

Welcome! since we’re nearing the release of v 0.6.2, we are currently entering the feature freeze stage of this development cycle, which means we will dedicate our combined efforts into fixing critical issues while adding any new features will have to wait until after the official release.

To this end we’d like to ask our community to test out the RC and let us know if there are any immediately apparent bugs or serious issues that trigger on your work environment.

General Recommendations

Please consider the following when finding a bug or potential problem in the RC tests
  1. A release candidate is not a final version, but it is very close, so it will most likely have a few issues left as no software is perfect, but it will provide enough stability to help you preview the program functionality, with that said release candidates are NOT production-ready, so use with caution.

  2. Search the repository for duplicates to your issue. If it’s there do not report again, but rather add a comment confirming the situation and explicitly describe how you reproduced the bug.

  1. Always be mindful that we have a template for reporting issues on the bug tracker and using it appropriately will make developers work quicker and more efficient. The faster they understand a bug and confirm it the faster they can get to fixing it, so please do use the template.

  2. Make sure you can reproduce the bug at least 50% of the time with the provided steps so we can triage your issue faster. If we attempt to reproduce the bug and nothing happens we will most likely have to prioritize other bugs.

  3. Sometimes human error happens and it may look like a bug, please make sure your issue is triggered by abnormal software behaviour and not due to external factors including uninformed handling of the software.

  4. Due to limited human resources We have to prioritize critical bugs that affect most users. Certain bugs only affect a small user base, and will be given a lower priority for review and fixing. If you’re suffering from a very specific bug and developers along other users can’t confirm it, please be patient and don’t spam the same bug report.

  5. This discussion is NOT meant to suggest features, you can do that on our discord or create a new thread on the appropriate forum section. This thread is exclusive to discuss, confirm and prioritize critical bugs in the RC. Any feature suggestion that is not used within an actual bug report context, will be deleted from this thread. Sorry.

Pencil2D RC1 Download

Pencil2D's 0.6.2 RC1 version is available here:

Known Issues

  1. Color Palette - First Swatch is unchangeable. Cannot use Repalce Command. Use the other swatches to create your own colors or change it by editing the palette via XML
  2. Color Palette - Swatches will only update using the Replace command when having a vector layer active. (Note: Create your custom palettes with a vector layer selected)
  3. Selection Tool - Application Focus: ALT + TABBING, or changing application focus while having a selection active will ERASE the selection contents and in some rare instances will crash Pencil2D.
  4. Selection Tool - Rotation: Using the SELECT ALL command (CTRL + A) and rotating a selection, will store the rotation transformation, if you press CTRAL + A again and click with the MOVE TOOL on the selection, it will apply the stored value and rotate the selection again. Despite possible use cases this is a bug.
  5. Smudge Tool - Bitmap: You can’t UNDO the smudge tool.
  6. Blur Tool - Bitmap: Pressing ALT when using the smudge tool invokes the Blur Tool. However It doesn’t work, DO.NOT.USE. Use Krita or GIMP for smudge or related effects.
  7. Vector Fill Changes Stroke Width: To fill a stroke you need to have the stroke selected and use the Fill tool, however this tool has a “stroke thickness” mode where it will reset to a uniform stroke width of the size shown in the options panel.
  8. More to come…

Added Linux i386 version of v0.6.2 rc1, thanks @scribblemaniac

This version will be the official v0.6.2 next Monday (25th September) if no major issues are found


I am doing a translation update, and then we are about to release it

@chchwy @scribblemaniac @MrStevns so I just want to confirm this. Are we bumping the following issues to 0.6.3 - 0.6.4?

Color Palette

  • [/] #943 [Bug] Note: 25-SEP-2018 I have updated this issue, but the fix that chchwy mentioned only applies to the vector layer and there are still remaining aggregate problems with this that conflict with the new “replace” command workflow, where the color values update as they did before by simply changing the color wheel. Bitmap layer is not working at all in this regard. The user has to update the pallete while in the vector engine. This should be subscribed as a known issue in the release notes.

  • [_] #1055 [Bug]

Transform / Selection Tool

Pencil Tool (Vector Layer)

Undo / Redo

  • [_] #1047 (Undo/Redo Buttons / toolbar panel) [Request]
  • [_] #562 (Undo History Panel) [Request]
  • [_] #953 (CandyFace Undo/Redo implementation) [Commit]

Pencil2D Project File Backup

@JoseMoreno I think those all should wait yes. I think some of them are important too, but the RC seems stable and I would much rather just get it out than risk introducing new bugs and causing further delays to the release date for the important fixes we’ve already fixed. They could possibly be fixed in a 0.6.2.x version, but our current release process and project structure would cause difficulties with frequent releases (I will bring this up in Discord).


I have tested 0.6.2 RC1 on Ubuntu, iOS and Win 10.
On the Win 10 there was a bug that isn’t on the other OS’.
When I choose a frame and start drawing on Ubuntu and iOS, it creates a keyframe at that frame. That is the desired behavior, but on Win10 there is no new keyframe. What ever you draw in put on your previous keyframe, whether it is frame 1, 5, 10 or whatever.
Is this a known bug?

I just noticed a (very small) bug.
The “Play”-button is a triangle, and the “Stop”-button is a square.
If you run a loop, defined by a range, the two buttons are interchanged on iOS. Here You press “Play”, and the Play-button stays. When you press it again, the animation stops and the square “Stop”-button is shown. If you press this stop-button the animation starts, and so on.
The buttons work fine in Ubuntu and Win10.

@davidlamhauge hmm actually the first issue might not be a bug, not exactly. oN your windows machine please go to EDIT > PREFERENCES > TIMELINE. There’s a enw feature that allows you to change behaviour between drawing and creating a new frame or keeping the previous frame (while modyfing the key from within an exposure) among other options. So it sounds like it’s enabled by default on the other OS but on windows it’s different.

The second one is clearly a bug but I don’t have a MAC machine to check that out only @MrStevns and @scribblemaniac could check that out to potentially help you out.

@JoseMoreno You’re right. The PREFERENCES were (for some reason) different on my Win10 machine.
I’m still busy just finding my way in the software, not to mention the source code. Thanks for straighten this out.

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Yes I noticed that play button bug as well. I’ll fix it in the next release if I remember.

Thanks for testing @davidlamhauge.