[SOLVED] spam messsages


(sfepa) #1

In two hours i’ve got three messages from different accounts to contact a person via e-mail to discuss something blah-blah-blah… Something like this "…i like your profile, contact me here (email)… " . I’d love someone to contact me to do something interesting in animation field, but i am sure this is about african prince who needs help to transfer millions of $ in safe place and i am the chosen one.
Is it possible to report this kind of stuff ?

(Moth) #2

I’ve been getting a few of these as well, had I not been away from the forums for about a month I would of thought it was legit.
Possibly something with WordPress that may give you a way to report phishing.

(Jose Moreno) #3

@sfepa @peggy Yeah me too, since our admin had to diminish the amount of plugins to test if we could keep this site as it is, it’s possible some of those were a few of the anti-spam plugins.

Right now i’ll have to ask you both to list the names of the users who have been sending you these kind of messages, and by all means if anyone receives them DO NOT REPLY BY EMAIL under any circumstance. We never ask our users for stuff so even if someone says they’re form Pencil or from the White House. Ignore them.

(sfepa) #4

@morr , yes it is an old trick, and i hope everyone knows that.
In my case this two users: @ ananet4u (grant), @ marian (zinger)

(gordie) #5

Hi guys, I don’t understand how this still could happen !

@morr : I disabled a lot of plugin but installed MORE security plugins than ever (Akismet, Antispam Bee, WangGuard, and Wordfence Security)

I guess this is a BuddyPress-related problem.
But I don’t know how to do to get rid of it :confused:
I was going to setup a captcha, but saw that WP-SpamShield could be interesting instead. Please tell me if you see any difference.

Also, I did some work on a new Pencil2D theme today. Not sure i’ll be able to finish it soon, but so you know it is in the pipe… Once done, i’ll put it on Github so you might update it.

(Darck Crystale) #6

@morr: I had those mp before the website was broken, I don’t think it’s a problem of anti-spam disabled.
@admin: You could also check for plugin with databases of bot email address, which forbid the inscription of users with those email, it exists on MyBB forums, maybe also on Wordpress.

(Jose Moreno) #7

Okay I got new messages today from zingger a.k.a “marian” http://www.pencil2d.org/members/marian/, yesterday there was another zingger registered as well here http://www.pencil2d.org/members/maria/

So it seems anyone named “zinger” “zingger” or whatever are one of those spambots. I’ll use the report button, but I wonder if there’s a way we can impede their registration.

(twisted-liquid) #8

Same here I received a message from both Zinger and Zingger. Will Report.

(tiber) #9

I confirm I have received recent spam messages from users “zinger” and “fahima”. People asking me to reply and contact them.
I have deleted immediately these messages.
The last one received just today.

(Lucas) #10

Well, I’m still getting those kind of messages, two of them this week.

(Jose Moreno) #11

@o_locas Yeah I noticed this two days ago, and I’ve already contacted the webmaster. He flagged most of the spammers, but please if anyone receive a message of this sort, just post the profile of the spammer, don’t be afraid. Otherwise we can’t know who is messaging you to take the appropriate measures.

Let us think of it as a way to expose those kind of people.

(Jose Moreno) closed #12