Site needs updating

(Nick) #1

Okay, I mean this is pretty self explanatory - a lot of things on the website are broken. I hate to be demanding, and I feel bad that I can’t help with this - but obviously Gordie and Matt are the only ones who can fix this. If y’all want, I can make a list of the errors in the site that need fixing. As it is though, a broken website is not going to attract as many visitors and potential contributors.


(gordie) #2

You are right and you can help by making that list !

I’ll see what I can fix.

If you want to be more involved, I can also give you the editor status, which will allow you to be a forum moderator and to edit the website content.

(Nick) #3

Actually, I’m not sure that’s necessary - it looks like you’ve fixed all the dead links already!

One minor nitpick is that on the main page, your “signature” (after “With light, with love”) is a dead link :stuck_out_tongue: but that doesn’t really matter that much.

I tried to find any other problems and I couldn’t - I’ll let you know if I run into anything, but I think you’ve got it all :slight_smile: Thank you, I’m sure this will help draw more people into the community!