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(gordie) #1

Hi guys,
We are experiencing some issues with our host; that has disabled the website for a few days (last week) as its charge was too high for their server.

3K+ visits a day should not be a problem; so I guess that there is an issue with something in the code (in a plugin, in the theme, …)

I’m currently trying to find out what it is, meanwhile some functions here have been disabled (as for example the read/unread status in forums; topic votes; newsletter subscription, etc).

Please remain seated in the area of turbulences; and I guess everything will be OK soon ! :slight_smile:

(Jose Moreno) #2

+1 to this topic. :slight_smile: Thank you for letting us know!

(Darck Crystale) #3

Can I add the github issue here?
Discuss on Github to maybe change of host

(Connor Smith) #4

Hey… chat. Right so I was just fooling around on pencil 2D and I figured that the side things with the frame skip, colors, tools, and size of whatever were in the way cuz I wanted to record it. So I moved those away off the tab… BIG MISTAKE. I cant get them back anymore and now whenever I log in to pencil 2D it doesnt show the tools its just a Big white piece of paper and I cant use any of the little windows on the sides cuz THEYRE NOT THERE!!!
Ive tried reinstalling, restarting etc… And I cant get it back. Help me

(kaiko) #5

Hi @hoothoot


This will help you to get everything back to the default panel views