MyPaint version pre-alpha preview

(feeef) #21

I see what you mean! This has to be part of the settings and should be implemented if libmypaint handles it.

(kaiko) #22


(Frank) #23

Thanks you so much, bro

(feeef) #24

Thanks Frank!

There is still a lot to do and unfortunately, I had a busy 2016 year and didn’t get the time to work on it quite much. It doesn’t look like 2017 will be much better in that regard but I will do my best! :slight_smile:

(kaiko) #25

Here is another image done with Pencil2DMypaint.

(I couldn’t resist to paint it. I found it so imaginative)


(Red Sprites) #26

SERIOUSLY! I don’t know what’s going on, but there is NO “.exe” file in the archive. How are all of you getting this thing to work?

(Jose Moreno) #27

@rdsp Hey Red. Whatever you’re downloading from feeef’s link is a source code version for developers and advanced users to work on. It was being developed alongside regular Pencil2D to become integrated in the future and have a better set of drawing tools for bitmap layers. However the developer had to halt this and we don’t know when and who might be able to continue his work.

There is no “.exe”-cutable file precisely because it doesn’t exist yet, or rather the developer has to create it by compiling the source code with special development tools. Namely the QT framework, QT creator and other trinkets that come with it.

If you want to tinker with that I suggest you read our advanced tutorials. But I warn you you’ll have to do a lot of reading if you’re not acquainted with programming.