(Lekha) #1

How do I access different pages of documentation? I am not finding a left menu.

(Jose Moreno) #2

@lehka Apparently the webmaster removed the documentation since we had problems recently with hacker attacks, and the hosting service was “shutting own” the page allegedly because it was using too much bandwith.

The old documentation was not really updated at all, and everything you could read that was useful is written in the PDF manual that comes with version 0.5.4b which you can download in the landing page.

However this makes me wonder if we really need a documentation, I’d rather have a thorough basic course on Pencil2D showing all the features than hundreds of pages saying what can be done, primarily because there is only a small percentage of people who do read it.

I’ll make sure to discuss this with the other volunteers when we can talk about Pencil.

For now I can forward you to the FAQ & Tutorial pages which will help as well to learn how to use the program.


(Jose Moreno) #3

@mustang Hi, welcome to the forum. I saw your profile update since you were wondering about the manual for the software. Please read this thread as it answers your question directly. Cheers.