Camera Panning, zoom (or z depth) and rotation.


Hi folks…

I´m not sure if this is implemented yet, but when you work with overlays backgrounds you need in most cases to handle the camera by panning, rotating or zooming (z depth), if this is not implemented, you developer guys should think about this :slight_smile: this gives a potential to the final work!


@digimickey Hey! In previous versions (0.5.4) there was a panning and zooming feature that allowed you to animate the camera layer and animate it. However it was disabled due to causing many issues since people wanted to always have a fixed reference of the framing to draw in.

Rotating wasn’t possible, but it should be a nice addition whenever they re-implement this. The zooming however was “optical” instead of a dolly (z-depth), so it was more like scaling than moving forward. For Pencil2D to have a 3D environment the software would have to be re-written i’m afraid.

I already asked for this to be re-implemented, however I don’t know when it will happen, Sadly the project just doesn’t have enough developers.

If you’re looking for an alternative meanwhile you could use a free 3d software like blender and import each level exported form Pencil2D on separate 3D planes using image sequences as textures so it would work great as long as you use an ortographic view to adjust the drawings accurately. You can also create a 3D camera to work your pans and anything else, so it would kind of work as a multi-plane camera stand.


Hi Jose…

Well, the original way is with a static camera, like is actually in Pencil2D, old cartoons worked with a machine that prints multilayer on a film belt… so the camera panning, zooming and rotation is a help for digital era…

I can do the pan moving the background layer instead of camera itself… is not a problem, maybe problems comes when we try to zoom it, since I have not only to zoom the background else all the sprites too…

Thanks for your help!