Wtf is up with these spam bots, and what's your favorite animation.

This TyvonZack is pretty annoying, none of these spammers put in any effort.

Anyway, what’s your favorite animation, or in the future what kind of animation would you like to do?

@fuzbrain Already reported the person with the webmaster and flagged his posts as spam. Thanks!

Also, what is my favorite animation as in animation technique or as in animated show, short film or feature?

I’d say favorite animated show, short film or feature. But if you want to talk about technique that’s cool too. :3

@fuzbrain Hmm I’d say one of my favourite animated feature film is Princess Mononoke by Studio Ghibli, there are many others but that movie really helped cement my enjoyment of this medium. Regarding technique well I really like hand drawn 2D, and stop motion comes really close.

For animated tv show, that’s even harder. I think there’s almost a tie between Cowboy Bebop, Samurai X and Full Metal alchemist just because of how much they molded my view on animation. That is eastern stuff, for “western” animation I’d say Futurama is probably my favorite along with anything Gendy Tartakovsky made in the past (Dexter’s Lab, Samurai Jack, etc). Spongebob first season.

I’m now thinking a lot of the Alien Gem’s show (Steven Universe) which I enjoy a lot above others on similar timeslots.

There’s just too much to honestly list, but I think that’s a really small introduction :stuck_out_tongue:

How about you?


For my favorite film I’d have to say Iron Giant, only because I don’t remember treasure planet enough. I haven’t seen it since I was like, 5, so I must of loved it as a kid. Technique, I’d say 2d hand drawn, but I love animations that are just a awesome mix of multiple techniques.

For western shows, I love Gravity Falls. I just found it this year but it was amazing. My second fave is Courage the Cowardly dog.

I can’t chose for anime. There is too much, same with animated shorts.

@fuzbrain Hey sorry I didn’t answer yesterday. I’ve been busy with work T_T. anyway yeah the iron giant is great! although I’m afraid I haven’t seen Gravity Falls, I’ve heard it’s great but I haven’t had the time to see it, though I think I’ll binge watch it on Netflix when I renew my sub :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like Courage though in hindsight it was a really creepy show. I still remember vividly the first pilot, and the martian chicken’s red eyes lol.

For anime well I chose those I quoted but I agree, it’s quite hard to choose just one, and I REALLY like Studio Trigger’s work.