Why won't my audio play when i add it on my sound layer in pencil 2d 0.4.4

i tried to add a recording of my voice for an lip sync animation i was creating and i did everything i was supposed to do , and clicked edit import sound and saved it on WAV , but my voice recording still won’t play n it just keeps beeping , what do i need to do to add my voice recording to my animation ?

@tiny27tickles Hi, if you sent us an email regarding this issue, we have answered your query there.

As mentioned unfortunately neither Pencil2D 0.4.4b nor Windows Vista are supported by the current Pencil2D team. However we have asked the developers if there is any possibility to at least build the program for Windows Vista.

For any update on this matter we’ll update both this thread and send you an email once we know the status, however for your own safety please consider using another software meanwhile.

You were also shared a link to alternative software that might work for you, so please take a look while you are able: