When adding a new frame, it is the duplicated frame of the previous frame

I’m fairly new to animating and the programs. I’m using a 2 in 1 laptop, so I might have unintentionally pressed something when drawing. Is there a way to stop the new frames from being the duplicates of the previous frames?

@KenSmiley Hi and welcome. It is possible you did nothing wrong. You have to create a new blank keyframe to “stop” previous keyframes from showing forward.

For a more in depth understanding, let me explain how Pencil2D works in very simple terms.

Pencil2D by default works by displaying the combination of layers and frames, which are two sides of the same coin in traditional animation as they both correlate to how we work with paper. You need to select a layer (arrangement on a paper stack) and use the vertical playhead to position on the frame (a still moment in time) which you want to work on.

Once you’re at a specific time position (frame) you need to make sure there is an active “keyframe” that will contain your drawings. In Pencil2D the concept of keyframes is more akin to a drawing container; think it more like a sheet of paper even.

Layers are empty by default, though Pencil2D always creates a new keyframe for you automatically so you can draw right away, and also the program automatically projects the visual representation of a keyframe over time, so you don’t have to duplicate a still drawing. This is called a “hold” in animation. That means that the first keyframe you draw will be seen indefinitely until a new keyframe is created to host a new drawing.

So whatever you draw, regardless of the timeline position you’re at when using the playhead, will be relative to the last keyframe that is being extended in time.

A more practical example.

If you have a keyframe drawing in frame 1 and you move to frame 25, you will still see the drawing on screen. If you create a new blank keyframe while stationed at frame 25, the drawing on the canvas will apparently disappear. This means you create a new blank sheet of paper to draw on and up until frame 24, you will see the keyframe drawing from before.

Timeline Model
1st Key influence ===>2nd key influence -------------------------> infinity
[K1] -------------------------[K2] -----------------
[F1] -------------------------[F25] ----------------

Thanks for the in-depth explanation! Appreciate it!

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