[Web Request]: User Animations Page

There are sites like Youtube and the such to share animations, and a lot of people embed their animations from youtube to here in a forum post. Is there any way there can be a page on this website for users to put their animations? This way, instead of having a post show up every now and then on the featured posts, there could be an organized way for newcomers to see what they can do with Pencil2D, what others have done, and tutorials on how to use the software or how to animate this or that. In addition, it would be neat to include voice clips donated for practicing lip-syncing or music and things along those lines.

Seems like a useless request, but I thought I’d share.

If this idea IS Liked and eventually implemented, it’d be cool to have a pencil video format (like how flash has SWF files to play on the web) to use on the website

@velocireed thanks a lot! I agree this would be a very interesting idea. However I think it’s possible this site won’t see such upgrade in the future.

The Pencil2D team is working on a new forum for Pencil2D so it might be possible to take this idea there and then implement that on the backup website later on. It’s difficult to say because only one person has full access to this website and we always have a hard time contacting them since they are always busy.

It could also be worth considering a mobile app with the same objective. However the problem would be to create the app and get a server to host all the created content. In the end money is one of the major roadblocks we face when trying something new. Hopefully we can see through these great ideas in the foreseeable future.