Valentine's Trek

I’ve been playing around with Pencil2D for a while now, but I haven’t uploaded anything yet.

Earlier this week, I decided to animate something cute for valentine’s day. I found a cute little math formula online, and, long story short, came up with this. Uhura (from Star Trek - 2009) decides to give Spock a little “Valentine” for Valentine’s day. However, it kind of goes over his head.

The words aren’t there for the first part. Uhura asks Spock if he could solve a math problem for her.

It’s over 400 frames. I didn’t expect it to be so long and time consuming. I used Pencil to draw the frames, I used Synfig to animate the “paper” section (the only one in color), and I used blender to make the video. I planned on finishing it by today, but that didn’t happen, so I figured I’d post it until I could.

The drawings didn’t come out as well as I thought it would, but, hey, practice makes perfect.


That’s cute. :3