Undo not working after Import

After importing an image or a sequence, Undo does not undo the action. Instead, it repeats the last action.
I.e., with a single imported image, it inserts that image again, at the cursor position (the following frame).
If a sequence has been imported, Undo will repeat the insertion of each image, one at a time, going back through the sequence.

This is the case whether using Ctr+Z , or Undo in the Edit menu. Ctrl+Z seems to work fine otherwise.

I’m using what I assume is the latest version, by the way: v0.6.5.

@JonR thanks for the report. This is an issue that’s been reported and discussed before, however since it stems from a more complicated problem, the way this and other related issues are going to be fixed called for implementation of a new undo/redo system which is already being developed as seen here https://github.com/pencil2d/pencil/pull/953

Of course it’s still pending additional features to make it as robust as possible when dealing with most Pencil2D tasks, but as it is right now, Undo/Redo is a bit limited when working with image sequences, because importing each image is considered a separate action, so undoing all the clip is not currently supported (but it will be AFAIK).

OK, understood. There’s another weird little thing I’ve found, so I’ll post another report on that.

EDIT: OK, no worries, I fixed the weird little thing! (It was a wacom pad / hand tool thing - pen settings needed adjusting ;))

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