Two Dank Memes In a Prison: Introductions

Hey everyone! Please check out my new animation series starring me and my friends; more episodes are on their way soon. Thank you all so much for the support!

This is great! I’m impressed to see the use of music, sound, and characters with dialog. Did you use a special strategy to synchronize the sound and animation?

Dude you are awesome!!

Haha, you are going to enjoy this process.

So first I make the animation itself, usually in clips so it takes less time for the file to save and I lose less when I crash. I transfer it to Windows Movie Maker and lay the clips out. Then we just try for the lines over and over again, a little crude but it works. I use a phoneme to dictate the shapes that correspond to what sound. I usually do one shape per each letter in the word, in some cases just the syllables. Other than that, that’s pretty much it!

Thank you! I love getting feedback from my audience!