Trump western

I made a short one minute video here featuring Donald Trump in a western duel with the mexican president.
please comment some critism and tell me what can be done to improve it so i will do so in my next videoes.

nice video!

I found the premise really funny. It was well paced for its length and subject matter too. The fly through Trump’s ear was a great touch.

The color choices and “camera” placement made some things difficult to see. The tracking shot for the shootout was especially hard to make out with the yellow bullets against a moving, yellow background. Perhaps zooming the camera in for that scene and keeping the bullet trained even more closely on the center of the screen as they move might improve this. Giving the bullet a distinct outline or speed effect might be another way to go, or you know, changing the background/bullet colors could work too.

I can see an attention to detail in here that I appreciate, and even though I haven’t seen The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, I still get a sense of the detail payed to evoking the source material. I’ll be happy to see more Roi.


Thanks for the critism I will take all of that in mind in my next creations