[Translation] Language Request

Could you guys add European Portuguese(pt-PT)? It’s pretty similar to pt-BR, so I think it won’t be long. Also, there’s already a person to do it. Thanks!

@o_locas Sure thing Lucas, I’ll ask around so the owner can add a portuguese slot on the OneSky translation page, since the translations are pulled from there:

@morr, @kaiko

There’s no need to anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience :confused:

@o_locas Hmm I’ve already asked for this on the github tracker. Can you let me know why you think it’s not needed anymore? I thought it was a fair request :slight_smile:

Well, the person who was going to translate said that the two languages are very similar, and people in Portugal wouldn’t be bothered to read menus in pt-br, so he thought about not going ahead with the pt-pt translation.

(maybe the mod could just “fork” the existing translation so there wouldn’t be unnecessary work.)

(again, sorry about the mess :/)

Also, the translation sources are hosted on GitHub, aren’t they?

@o_locas It’s ok, well the main dev has already added the translation slot. The translations are contributed over the linked I posted earlier (onesky) and then the .ts files are manually updated on the repository, so yes in a sense they are hosted in the repo though only after there has been enough discussion and thought put into the translations.

A fork wouldn’t work that much for the overall workflow, however you can upload a translation file into the new language slot on onesky, so in a sense you shouldn’t need to fork anything, but rather download the updated br portuguese file, and then upload that on the pt-Portuguese slot, then change stuff accordingly over the service so everyone can keep track of the translations.

I’ve had brazilian friends in the past and portuguese friends. They both say that the language is very different particularly when it is spoken, so I think it’s ok to have the Portuguese differentiation to at least to cater to different audiences and provide enough representation to everyone.

(again, don’t worry about it :stuck_out_tongue:)

I can’t figure out where to upload the file, so I hosted it (with a few modifications).


or maybe I could do it manually

I copied the translation through OneSky. Are you guys still using it? I saw something about migrating to another online tool