Too many crashes

somehow i keep crashing like clikc somewhere poof! crash… i have latest version (9/9)

@mrge0rgi Hi. Please answer these questions to better know how to help:

  1. Which Operating System are you using. Windows 7, 8 10 / MAC OSX 10.8 or above / Linux Distributions (which one)

  2. Which version EXACTLY are you using. You can know by going to menu Help > About and copy the box data and paste it here.

If you can’t do this due to crashes, then please take a screenshot of the ZIP file name: Like or whatever it is.

Also let me say this clearly. Development versions will be like this because developers are using them to test new features and do exactly this, fix new errors produced by implementing new features. So we Thank you wholeheartedly for your reports, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to know which issues might rise.

Please answer the questions I mentioned and use the version from the previous month (August) on your operating system, because as far as I know September builds or at least the latest one is being worked upon regarding sound layers so it’s mostly unstable.

Thanks and we’ll be pending for your answers.

@CandyFace Seems sound layers are causing crashes on latest, when we have more info from the user would you mind looking into it? Thanks :slight_smile:

I added 2 songs to see if it would crash and they were imported and played, no problems, no crashes, I’m on win7 64bit, maybe you didn’t install the “vcredist_x64 or 32bit” file? then again I’m not sure if it even opens without it.

I tested out the latest version from September 8th, 2017(64 bit). I was able to play a music file in the sound layer. Since there were 4 for Sept. 8th, I took the latest one out of those.

“commit: 220c08daacc1cc0b03dc1abf09d4316d60f1ef96
date: 2017-09-08_13:52:55”


System win7 (home premium)

box: commit: 5bcd692824b778518c439beb0770bed3c5af326b
date: 2017-09-08_09:58:58

meanwhile i am in the middle of my first proffesional animation :slight_smile:

(random question are you a dev on pencil or a community manager (you are too amazing to be only mod…)

@morr ops and something i forgot im using this version


and 32 bit system

@mrge0rgi Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer George. I think the problem might be on the 32bit part. Consider Windows 32Bit systems can allocate up to 4GB RAM, but in reality they end up using about 3GBs. If you have less then it worsens.

Pencil2D needs A LOT of RAM memory when handling image and sound processing. This must be contributing to the crashing part due to a memory leak. This issue might help us pinpoint that elusive leak, but it’s far from great for users such as yourself.

I’m going to be honest with you. If you are working on a professional animation piece with Pencil2D, please drop Pencil2D for now and use Krita for your 32bit system. It might help out to ease your work output a bit. I believe Krita latest version can import sound now as well.

I’m only suggesting this because I can totally understand the frustration of using a piece of software only to have it hung up and crash and you end up losing a lot of your work. I believe Pencil2D can be a potentially great piece of software, but right now it’s simply lacking optimization for computers with less than 4GB of RAM and 64bits OS’

However the info you provided will be critical to learn to deal with this, so I cannot thank you enough for it.

----Regarding the random question :wink:

I’m not a developer, I just like to thoroughly test the apps I use to understand about them and help the real devs do their jobs / hobbies. I don’t even consider myself a “power-user” to be honest.

I’m also the self-proclaimed community manager for Pencil2D but that’s mainly because I initially went searching for every kind of outlet for the software and had identified that there was a failure in how Pencil2D was communicating and dealing with users within the community (actually communication was next to non-existant when I took upon this role).

What happened was Pencil2D website suffered a massive shutdown due to a DDOS attack. The webmaster had to do a lot of work to get it running, but meanwhile we simply lost our communication channels (the forum) so whatever little work could be done we couldn’t reach each other.

The facebook page, google+ page, tumblr blog, deviantart group (it exists, but could never reach for the original admin) and other pages, were created, handled and abandoned by different users, so I had to track them down in order to be allowed to help managing that.

Communications wise we’re at least in much better standing than 2 years ago, so that’s something. Hopefully with this groundwork we can begin to attract other developers into helping out, so people like you can benefit from their work.

Thanks again for reading, and wish you a great Sunday.

@morr nah i will stay with my pencil2D i hope it is the version that only some people have the crash problem (my pc is low-end too :smiley: )i will try krita aswell
krita is too complicated for me :slight_smile: and the mouse kinda lags when i move… but yolo

if i do the animation no sound and add sound effects on movie maker will it do better? (i still have it installed on my pc and it works xD)

I’ll take a look at it, though i’ve recently made numerous of changes to the sound playback, so if you don’t mind @mrge0rgi @sumit_makwana, please check out this experimental build.

win64 build:

win32 build:

As for the crashing, I’ve been working and testing pencil2d sound playback for days now without experiencing a single one, which makes it really hard for me to do something about this.

I’m on MacOS, so it’s possible that it’s somehow related to your win32 build.

@mrge0rgi Yeah, Krita is a bit more complex. But I’m only suggesting it because I honestly can’t guarantee this issue will get fixed for you or others as quickly as possible.

Sure, creating the animation without sound might be better, however if your animation is longer than 100 frames, it might go haywire again.

In the FAQ I’ve outlines steps to prevent these “memory leak” crashes along some good work habits while working on Pencil2D and really anywhere on a studio pipeline. Please practice this meanwhile we find a definitive solution.

Read this first and foremost:

Looking good @candyface

I don’t know if it was possible before this, but I can now move the sound file on the timeline here. No crashes for me. Windows 64-Bit.

I am even able to get a playback if I play from in-between as long as I don’t mess with the first key frame that gets added when importing sound file.

That sounds promising.

Could you please elaborate on that last phrase, what do you mean by “as long as I don’t mess with the first key frame that gets added when importing sound file.” What happens if you do?

I’m not able to replicate the same behaviour again, but I found something else now. Once I move the sound file on the timeline. And giving some space near the first 10 frames, for example, and if I try to drag the first frame, it directly creates a duplicate frame. And dragging the new duplicate frame doesn’t create duplicate, I am able to drag the new frame. But if I drag the first frame, in the sound layer, again creates duplicates.

looks something like this:

Maybe something happened the first time and frames got overlapped and didn’t allow me to playback from between.

Ah nice catch! yeah there’s definitely something going on with duplicating sound frames… I’m not sure it has been implemented actually, it only works on the first frame and it doesn’t duplicate the track per say but just the keyframe and with no sound.

This is unrelated to my build though, this build was primarily focused on timing and fixing playback with multiple tracks, as well as making the timeline consider the length of the track instead of only the keyframe.

the playback has definitely improved. I could go to the 1000th frame and start playing the music from there. I wont need to use a video editor now to time the vocals for my animations. Thanks a lot

Hi @mrge0rgi, I’m one of Pencil2D’s maintainers.

Would you mind to share your project with us? It would be very useful if we could look into this issue with a real project file on my computer.

@chchwy i have deleted it (and from recycle and from files) facepalm … i will make a new one