toggling panels/fullscreen

Not sure why this is just now occurring to me, but it would be useful, or at least nice, to have the option to hide panels. If it’s toggling the individual panels, as so many other programs do, that would be ideal, but just the ability to toggle everything together would be nice. For example, hit Tab and everything but the canvas is hidden, and Tab again to bring back the panels. Or F11 to put the canvas into fullscreen mode (not sure if the panels would automatically toggle in that case, or if you’d do F11 then Tab).

What made me think of this was that the color box in tool options is apparently a button that doesn’t do anything. If you could hide panels, that button could open the color panel (if the color panel is in fact hidden). Right now we have redundant color display…i guess that’s probably obvious and maybe has already been considered

Nice feature. Can you post it to issue tracker?