timeline bug

I’ve recently encountered a bug which i have no idea how to fix, despite having searched to see if there was an answer somewhere online. The bug is basically just stopping me from scrolling past 241 frames on the timeline. I can add more frames, but i just can’t scroll past 241. Does anyone have a possible solution, or should I just make a bunch of 241- frame animations and then edit them together?

@shimowhiteclaw Hi! Usually for these reports it’s useful if you could tell us which version you are using and Which Operating system you have installed.

As for the solution to this issue, have you going to Edit > Preferences > Timeline > Timeline size in Frames

You can change the timeline size with that feature.

For most purposes if you’re using the old Pencil 0.5.4b version and you’re having lots of bugs please use the latest development update appropriate for your computer to see if they are already solved. You can find the download here:


Also please read our crash prevention guide on our FAQ, because creating an animation beyond 200+ frames in Pencil2D can wipe clean your file without your consent, so please read it here: