This program is garbage thank you

Regrettably i have downloaded this program again after swearing it off for good when my ten minute school animation was lost in a file corruption last year. I have committed my entire day to making an animation to find out the program cannot handle a 46 frame animation. I imported an mp3 that the program decided to only register half of.

Every time i try to upload a new audio sample it crops it in random places without prompting.

I finished the line art with no issue, but when i went to apply the color blocking it compressed the line art on top of itself in random places, and jumbled the color frames with other random line art frames. I have no idea how a program could screw up this badly, i feel like its held together with scotch tape.

Fuck Pencil2D, i advise anyone considering downloading this potato to do otherwise.

Hi @PullingMyHairOut,

I can feel your frustration, but your words indicate that you’re leaving Pencil2D for good, so I just wanted to give you some alternatives for 2D animation: OpenToonz, Tahoma, Krita and Synfig. There are others, and unfortunately all of them have bugs too, but then at least you’re not scolding us.

If you stay with Pencil2D, and want help, I have two suggestions:

  1. Go to Pencil2Ds discord server. There is (almost) always a friendly soul, that will help you out.
  2. Consider using a more appropriate language. We’re all human.

See you…

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